Composer Profile: Vladimir Hirsch

Website | Facebook | Discogs | Soundcloud | YouTube | Last FM | ReverbNation | MP3 Vladimir Hirsch (born July 3, 1954, Czechoslovakia, today Czechia) is an avant-garde composer, instrumentalist and sound experimenter, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. His compositional style is characterized by poly-modal and poly-microtonal architectonics, the usage of a […]

New Voice: David Vélez

David Vélez describes a recent work ~ Unseen Terror is a work that I composed using the sound captures I recorded during the creative process and exhibition of my installation Adrift and Catastrophe, which explores the notion of destruction and catastrophe. Listen to “Unseen Terror” Watch the installation video BIOGRAPHY David Vélez was born in Bogotá. He moved to New York […]

Composer Profile: Natasha Barrett

Website | Soundcloud Natasha Barrett is a freelance composer working with music, research and creative uses of sound. She studied in England for masters and doctoral degrees in electroacoustic composition, after which, in 1999, Barrett moved to Norway where she has since lived. During her doctoral research Barrett focused on acousmatic music (electroacoustic music without […]

Composer Profile: Simon Steen-Andersen

Website Simon Steen-Andersen (b. 1976) is a Berlin-based composer, performer and installation artist, working in the field between instrumental music, electronics, video and performance within settings ranging from symphony orchestra and chamber music (with and without multimedia) to stagings, solo performances and installations. The works from the last 6-7 years concentrates on integrating concrete elements […]

New Voice: Karl Henning

Website | Soundcloud Karl Henning studied clarinet, conducting and orchestration with Nancy Buckingham Garlick, conducting and theory with Jack Russell, and composition with Jack Gallagher, Paul Schwartz, Judith Shatin, Walter Ross, Louis Andriessen and Charles Wuorinen. Karl’s formal study resulted in a B.Mus. with a double major in composition and clarinet performance at the College of Wooster […]

Johannes Maria Staud ~ One Movement and Five Miniatures

Publisher’s Biography This work took as its point of departure the challenge of using the ‘early music’ instrument, the harpsichord, alongside the ‘new music’ instrument, the computer. In the course of composition it became clear that this was not a question of a reciprocal demarcation of boundaries between these two spheres, but rather of their symbiotic […]

Serialism, Indeterminacy, Musique concrète and Minimalism

    Around the middle of the 20th century several new compositional styles (while not emerging entirely new) came to represent dominant streams, almost establishing a kind of “common practice”, for at least a few years.  While these methods of composing have lost much of their initial momentum, their influence continues to effect composers even […]

Mieczyslaw Weinberg (1919-1996): the third greatest 20th century Russian composer?

Website Mieczyslaw Weinberg, or Moisey Vainberg or Vaynberg, was not Russian, but a Polish Jew.  He was born in Warsaw, Poland December 8, 1919 to Jewish parents and lived in Warsaw until 1939, when he left to escape the Nazi invasion.  He managed to escape, but not before, unfortunately, the rest of his family were […]