Silvestre Revueltas: Mexican composer and conductor born today in 1899

“The music evokes pre-Columbian landscapes and images with a cinematic grandeur, sweep and colorfulness that go beyond the merely picturesque. The suite reaches its climax (in more ways than one) in the fourth section, “Night of Sorcery,” featuring no fewer than a dozen percussion instruments–drums, gourds, rasps, even a conch shell–leading a Mayan sacrificial dance. […]

A Love Supreme : John Coltrane’s Statement of Faith

2015 marked the fiftieth anniversary from the release of John Coltrane‘s seminal recording A Love Supreme.   This recording is unique in Coltrane’s discography in that it was the first time he conceived the music as a four-part suite, broken up into tracks: “Acknowledgement” (which contains Coltrane chanting the phrase that gave the suite its name), “Resolution”, “Pursuance”, […]

The Hilliard Ensemble : Says goodbye with “Il cor tristo”

One of the world’s finest vocal chamber groups, The Hilliard Ensemble has a formidable reputation in the fields of both early and new music.  The program featured on their farewell recording exemplifies its distinctive style and highly developed musicianship in both repertoires.  At its heart is a work commissioned by the ensemble from British contemporary […]

Vinicio Capossela : Marinai, Profeti e Balene

Vinicio Capossela (born 14 December 1965) is an Italian singer-songwriter. His style is strongly influenced by US singer and songwriter Tom Waits though it also draws from the traditions of Italian folk music. Capossela’s lyrics are highly original and are often inspired by literary sources such as John Fante, Geoffrey Chaucer, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Oscar Wilde, […]

Mal Waldron & Archie Shepp Pay Tribute to Billie Holiday

Mal Waldron‘s first tribute to Billie Holiday, titled Left Alone, was recorded in 1959, mere months before the singer’s death.  He and tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp came together in 2002 to salute the legendary vocalist with the CD Left Alone Revisited which is likely to be his final tribute to Holiday. Waldron, who died within a year of making […]