Jeff Myers : Requiem Aeternam

The music of Jeff Myers (b.1977) has been called “Striking…and harmonically rich” by the New York Times and “…brilliant and powerful…” by The Classical Voice of New England. Many of his works incorporate themes from Asian folk genres (kulintang and gamelan music), visual art (Escher), literature (Poe, Baudelaire, Rimbaud) and acoustic phenomena (overtone harmony and […]

New Voice: Sam Salem

Website | Soundcloud Sam Salem (b. 1982) currently resides in Manchester (UK), where he completed a MUSM in Electroacoustic Music Composition in 2007 and a PhD in Composition in 2011 at the University of Manchester. Sam’s work is focused upon the sounds of urban environments: each of his pieces focuses upon a specific geographical location. His music […]

New Voice: Jeremy Wexler

Website | Soundcloud Jeremy Wexler (b. 1991) is a composer, percussionist, and teacher from Levittown, New York. His compositional language explores the physics of sound-phenomena, microtonality, and irregular metric and formal organization. Jeremy’s compositions have been heard on Composers Circle, Kinetics Internet Radio from Los Angeles, Incipitsify, the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy in Virginia, the […]

New Voice: Turgut Ercetin

Soundcloud Turgut Ercetin (b. 1983, Istanbul) has recently completed his doctoral degree at Stanford University where he studied composition with Prof. Brian Ferneyhough as his advisor and computer music with Chris Chafe. Ercetin’s works engage with the issues of sound, not as sonic colors but as concepts that are perceived at various degrees of complexities […]

New Voice: Bernhard Philipp Eder

Website | Soundcloud | YouTube Bernhard Philipp Eder, born in 1984 and raised in Vienna, Austria, has devoted his life to the arts of music from a very early age, when he began taking piano lessons and visiting classical concerts.  At the age of 15, while studying at the Konservatorium Wien University and the Musikgymnasium Wien Neustiftgasse […]

New Voice: Juliana Hall

  Website  | Scores | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn Primarily known as an American art song composer, Juliana Hall (born 1958) has written over 35 song cycles and her commissions include two for song cycles for Metropolitan Opera singers Dawn Upshaw (soprano) and David Malis (baritone). Her music has been performed by more than 100 […]

New Voice: Joâo Schnier

Joâo Schnier describes a recent work: This piece was made with a completely distorted sample of my own voice. The composition process went rather quickly: I began by making a loop with just a small extract, then I transformed it in various ways and used each small sample as notes or musical ideas. I had only […]