New voice: Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Aaron Holloway-Nahum describes a recent work ~ Expressions of Sea Level was written for the Dr. K Sextet and the Cheltenham Music Festival. It's a work that continues my recent exploration of a combination between lyricism and an expanding canvas of pitch (including microtones) and timbre. The ideas were about questions of perspective and timelessness. The … Continue reading New voice: Aaron Holloway-Nahum

New voice: Anna Korsun

I do not like to describe my music.  For me it is really such a big problem, because every institution, such as festivals, concert events, workshops, presentations, etc. request a comment on work.  I'm not writer; I make music (actually most of my pieces do not include words).  I do not like semantic meanings, which … Continue reading New voice: Anna Korsun

New voice: Adam Scott Neal

Adam Scott Neal describes a recent work ~ Tidal (2012) is a work for piano and fixed media. The fixed media portion was made in Pure Data with filtered noise. The tones play chords from upper partials of the harmonic series (based on the piano's low C). When these chords are in equal temperament, they match … Continue reading New voice: Adam Scott Neal

Composer Profile: Michael A. Rose

Website Michael Alec Rose’s many awards and commissions include the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation's chamber music commission, for which he composed his String Quartet No. 2; 28 consecutive annual awards in composition from ASCAP, 1986-2013; commissions from the Blair and Mendelssohn String Quartets; and three works for the Nashville Symphony.  Rose’s Beatitudes, a new song … Continue reading Composer Profile: Michael A. Rose