Antonin Servière : composition, artistic research and teaching

Antonin Servière is a composer, teacher and a musician. While he completed higher instrumental studies (First Prize of Saxophone in 2004, Master’s-level teaching certification in 2005), he studied orchestration with Alain Louvier from 2001 to 2003 and composition with Philippe Leroux from 2004 to 2006. He pursued his study of composition with Michael Jarrell, Luis … Continue reading Antonin Servière : composition, artistic research and teaching

Anna Pidgorna : composing through the body

Anna Pidgorna (b. 1985) is a Ukrainian born, Canadian raised composer, artist and vocalist, who combines everything from traditional music making, to visual arts, to writing, to carpentry in her multimedia practice. Characterized by “a balance of bold colour palettes, strong melodic profiles, and unexpected performative elements” (Nick Storring for MusicWorks Magazine), her work traverses … Continue reading Anna Pidgorna : composing through the body

WAM : new recording of music by Michael Finnissy

Michael Finnissy was born in Tulse Hill, London in 1946 and studied at the Royal College of Music. He later studied in Italy with Roman Vlad. He went on to create the music department of the London School of Contemporary Dance, and has been associated as composer with many notable British dance companies. He has … Continue reading WAM : new recording of music by Michael Finnissy

The Hilliard Ensemble : Says goodbye with “Il cor tristo”

One of the world’s finest vocal chamber groups, The Hilliard Ensemble has a formidable reputation in the fields of both early and new music.  The program featured on their farewell recording exemplifies its distinctive style and highly developed musicianship in both repertoires.  At its heart is a work commissioned by the ensemble from British contemporary … Continue reading The Hilliard Ensemble : Says goodbye with “Il cor tristo”

Dominique Vellard’s new take on Early Music

The major areas explored by Dominique Vellard in his musical career are rooted in his childhood experiences -as a choirboy at Notre-Dame de Versailles- that gave rise to his passionate love of Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, French composers of the seventeenth century and Bach organ music and chorales. Soon after completing his studies at the … Continue reading Dominique Vellard’s new take on Early Music

Mario Rodrigue’s “Tilt” : Electroacoustic Music

Mario Rodrigue pursued his musical studies under the direction of Marcelle Deschênesand, Francis Dhomont, and obtained his Bachelor in electroacoustic compositionfrom the Université de Montréal. His piece Tilt won the 1st Prize in the electroacoustic category and the Grand Prize in 7th CBC National Competition for Young Composers (1986) and Cristaux liquides was awarded a mention at … Continue reading Mario Rodrigue’s “Tilt” : Electroacoustic Music

Jeff Myers : Requiem Aeternam

The music of Jeff Myers (b.1977) has been called “Striking…and harmonically rich” by the New York Times and “…brilliant and powerful…” by The Classical Voice of New England. Many of his works incorporate themes from Asian folk genres (kulintang and gamelan music), visual art (Escher), literature (Poe, Baudelaire, Rimbaud) and acoustic phenomena (overtone harmony and … Continue reading Jeff Myers : Requiem Aeternam

Lera Auerbach : composer; poet

Born 21 October 1973 in Chelyabinsk, a city in the Urals bordering Siberia, Lera Auerbach became one of the last artists to defect from the Soviet Union during a concert tour in 1991 while still in her teens. She subsequently earned Bachelor and Master’s degrees from The Juilliard School, where she studied piano with Joseph Kalichstein … Continue reading Lera Auerbach : composer; poet

New music from New York: Loadbang’s “Lungpowered”

Loadbang, a unique New York based ensemble of bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone voice, has been energetically expanding the repertoire for their instrumentation since their formation in 2008. Lungpowered features works by composers Alex Mincek, David Brynjar Franzson, Reiko Fueting, Alexandre Lunsqui, William Lang, and Scott Worthington that engage with breath, wind, and air as … Continue reading New music from New York: Loadbang’s “Lungpowered”

Missy Mazzoli : composer for a new dark age

Missy Mazzoli (born 1980) is an American composer and pianist living in Brooklyn, New York who has received critical acclaim for her chamber, orchestral and operatic work.  One of her recent works, Vespers for a New Dark Age, is a 30-minute suite for singers, chamber ensemble and electronics, which inhabits the sometimes disturbing intersection between technology … Continue reading Missy Mazzoli : composer for a new dark age