Charley Patton

Charley Patton is generally considered the oldest Delta blues musician with his work surviving in over 50 recordings. Born some time between 1885 and 1891 he probably was playing around his country from the first decade of the 20th century until his death in 1934.  Son House knew him and played with him but was … Continue reading Charley Patton

Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige finally arrives

Black, Brown and Beige was at the time of its debut Ellington's most misunderstood and under appreciated work.  The 1943 Carnegie Hall Concert live recording presents the work in its only Ellington-led complete form.  But after the initial critical trashing of the work he performed it once more, and then removed it from his band's … Continue reading Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige finally arrives

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra is the world’s only year-round, professional ensemble re-creating “America’s Original Music” – the syncopated sounds of early musical theater, silent cinema, and vintage dance. The PRO came into being as the result of Rick Benjamin’s 1985 discovery of thousands of turn-of-the-century orchestra scores once belonging to Victrola recording star Arthur Pryor. … Continue reading The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

“A Love Supreme, The Complete Masters,” Coltrane’s classic, now in a 3CD expanded release is a revelatory experience

If you only own the original studio release of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme then the 2015 three-disk release “A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters” will be a revelatory experience. Everything changed for Coltrane in 1957 when Coltrane stopped drinking and kicked heroin and from that point forward his career would unfold with a focused … Continue reading “A Love Supreme, The Complete Masters,” Coltrane’s classic, now in a 3CD expanded release is a revelatory experience

Bill Frisell’s Harmony

“The eminent guitarist Bill Frisell improvises in smoky ringlets of melody, drawing the influence of classic jazz guitar into a palette based on early American folk music. He has been a noted bandleader since the 1980s, but has never released an album for Blue Note Records, jazz’s most illustrious label. That will change with “Harmony,” … Continue reading Bill Frisell’s Harmony

Leonard Bernstein’s Mass : Newer Recordings

The sources for the history and overview of Mass include Anthony Tommasini's 2018 New York Times piece, "Is ‘Mass’ Leonard Bernstein’s Best Work, or His Worst?", the work description on the Leonard Bernstein Office website and Wikipedia. The controversy over Leonard Bernstein’s Mass began with its premiere in 1971. In his review for The New … Continue reading Leonard Bernstein’s Mass : Newer Recordings

Eliane Radigue – Occam Ocean

Éliane Radigue (b. 1932) is a pioneering French composer of undulating continuous music marked by patient, virtually imperceptible transformations that purposively unfold to reveal the intangible, radiant contents of minimal sound—its partials, harmonics, subharmonics and inherent distortions. As a student and assistant to musique concrète pioneers Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry in the ‘50s and … Continue reading Eliane Radigue – Occam Ocean