Pauline Oliveros : May 30, 1932 – November 24, 2016

Pauline Oliveros was an American composer, accordionist and a central figure in the development of experimental and post-war electronic art music. She was a founding member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the 1960s, and served as its director. She taught music at Mills College, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Oberlin … Continue reading Pauline Oliveros : May 30, 1932 – November 24, 2016

Gavin Bryars : Two Experimental Masterpieces

Richard Gavin Bryars (1943) is an English composer and double bassist. He has been active in, or has produced works in, a variety of styles of music, including jazz, free improvisation, minimalism, historicism, experimental music, avant-garde and neoclassicism. Bryars's first works as a composer owe much to the New York School of John Cage (with … Continue reading Gavin Bryars : Two Experimental Masterpieces

Anestis Logothetis : experimenting with graphical notation

Anestis Logothetis (10/27/1921 - 1/6/1994) was an Austrian avant-garde composer, noted both for his musical works and his invention of his own graphic notation system. He was born in Burgas, Bulgaria, of Greek parents, and moved with his family to Thessaloniki in 1934. After graduating from the German School, he left Greece in 1942 in … Continue reading Anestis Logothetis : experimenting with graphical notation

Bill Dixon : Tapestries for Small Orchestra

Bill Dixon (October 5, 1925 – June 16, 2010) was an American musician, composer, visual artist, and educator. Dixon was one of the seminal figures in the free jazz movement. He played the trumpet, flugelhorn, and piano, often using electronic delay and reverberation as part of his trumpet playing. In the early 1960s, when rock … Continue reading Bill Dixon : Tapestries for Small Orchestra

Jacob Gotlib : experimental chamber and electronic music

Jacob Gotlib was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and has written music for instruments, electronics, dance, and multimedia. His music is regularly played at festivals around North America and Europe, most recently at the Wellesley Composers Conference (Wellesley, MA), the Acht Brücken Festival (Cologne, Germany), Hear+Now (Louisville, KY) and June in Buffalo (Buffalo, NY). … Continue reading Jacob Gotlib : experimental chamber and electronic music

Happy Birthday Phill

Phill Niblock turns 82 today, and is still very busy: May 22 (6-10pm), 23(12-20) and 24-25 (12-18), A book fair at the Tate Modern, with a section by Frederic Acquaviva, of "La Plaque Tournante" in Berlin, with a new book of "Cello Pieces" scores, by Phill Niblock Sunday May 24th 2015 , 8 pm … Continue reading Happy Birthday Phill

Kate Soper : vocal experimentation

Kate Soper (born 1981) is a composer, performer, and writer whose work explores the integration of drama and rhetoric into musical structure, the slippery continuums of expressivity, intelligibility and sense, and the wonderfully treacherous landscape of the human voice. She was a recent Guggenheim Fellow as well as a 2012-13 fellow of the Radcliffe Institute … Continue reading Kate Soper : vocal experimentation