Sheila Silver speaks a musical language of her own

Sheila Silver (born 1946) is an American composer. She was born in Seattle, Washington in 1946, she started her piano studies at the age of five. In 1968 she received Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at Berkeley, and had her Ph.D from Brandeis University, Mass. in 1976. Her music is powerful and […]

Aaron Avshalomov : A Jew in China

Aaron Avshalomov (11/11/1894 – 4/26/1965) was a Russian-born Jewish composer.  Born into a Mountain Jewish family, he was sent for medical studies to Zürich, but chose to leave Europe in the wake of the Russian revolution. Mountain Jews or Caucasus Jews of the eastern and northern slopes of Caucasus, mainly Azerbaijan and Dagestan. They are the descendants of […]

Yehuda Yannay : composer,conductor, filmmaker and performance artist

Yehuda Yannay (Hebrew: יהודה ינאי) (b. 26 May 1937, Timișoara, Romania) is an American-Israeli composer,conductor, filmmaker and performance artist. Yannay moved from Romania to Israel in 1951, where he studied with Alexander Uriya Boskovitch, who influenced him greatly. After completing his studies at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv, he pursued postgraduate studies in America, […]

Miriam Gideon : Composer

Miriam Gideon (10/23/1906–6/181996) was born in Greeley, Colorado, where her father was a Reform rabbi. Her interest in composition —begun in childhood as an ancillary, experimental, and almost private activity—soon became the primary focus of her creative energies. At Boston University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree with a major in French literature and a […]