Klaus Lang : Austrian composer

Klaus Lang (*1971 Graz / Austria) lives in Steirisch Lassnitz (Austria). He studied composition and theory of music (with H.M. Preßl, B. Furrer and Y. Pagh-Paan) and organ. Klaus Lang loves tea and dislikes lawnmowers and Richard Wagner. Klaus Lang’s music is not a means to convey extramusical contents, such as emotions, philosophical or religious ideas, political … Continue reading Klaus Lang : Austrian composer

Mark Andre : French composer living in Germany

Mark Andre was born in Paris in 1964, where he studied at the École Normale Supérieure (writing a thesis on “Le compossible musical de l’Ars subtilior”) and with Claude Ballif and Gérard Grisey at the Paris Conservatoire (First Prize in Composition). Later he studied with Helmut Lachenmann at the Stuttgart University of Music, where he … Continue reading Mark Andre : French composer living in Germany

Alican Çamcı : new music from Turkey

Alican Çamcı’s (b. 1989) output includes works for small and large ensembles, solo instrumental music and electro-acoustic compositions. His music seeks to incorporate musical ideas inside and outside of Western classical music tradition as well as themes and concepts from philosophy and semiology. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, he was first introduced to music at … Continue reading Alican Çamcı : new music from Turkey

Gerald Finzi : British composer

Gerald Finzi was born in London on July 14, 1901, and spent his early childhood in London. His father died when he was just seven and following the outbreak of the First World War Finzi moved with his mother to Harrogate, in Yorkshire. There Finzi was able to study composition with the composer Ernest Farrar … Continue reading Gerald Finzi : British composer

Ensemble Gilles Binchois

Since 1979 Dominique Vellard has been the inspirational driving force behind the Ensemble Gilles Binchois : more than 35 years of research and performance that have led to the creation of some of the essential recordings, especially of music from the medieval and Renaissance periods. An outstanding catalogue of recordings devoted to the music of … Continue reading Ensemble Gilles Binchois

George Frederick Pinto : potentially the English Mozart

George Frederick Pinto was born in Lambeth, England on 25 Sept 1785 and died Chelsea [now in London], 23 March 1806. English composer of mixed ancestry. His father’s name was Samuel Saunders or Sanders, but he took his surname from his mother Julia Pinto, daughter of THOMAS PINTO and herself the composer of a published … Continue reading George Frederick Pinto : potentially the English Mozart

Andrzej Panufnik : Born in Warsaw on 24th September 1914

“In all my works, I attempt to achieve a true balance between feeling and intellect, heart and brain, impulse and design.” Andrzej Panufnik is one of the most important and original symphonic composers of the 2nd half of the 20th century. His output includes ten symphonies, with Centenary commissions from Sir Georg Solti for the Chicago … Continue reading Andrzej Panufnik : Born in Warsaw on 24th September 1914