Passio by Arvo Pärt : Paul Hillier’s recording

To the accompaniment of the wind buffeting the church of St Jude-on-the-Hill, London, the Hilliard Ensemble here solemnly perform what must surely be the bleakest, most ritualistic Passion to be composed since Heinrich Schutz's settings of the mid seventeenth century. Never one to dress up his religious work in ostentatious garb, Arvo Part has selected … Continue reading Passio by Arvo Pärt : Paul Hillier’s recording

New voice: Clio Montrey

Clio Montrey describes her recent work ~ A recent work I would like to present is Spielzeug (2009), for toy piano and electronics. I created all the electronics effects, and I played the piano in the electronics part, as well as the toy piano at the premiere (this is a live recording of the first performance). … Continue reading New voice: Clio Montrey