Maurice Duruflé : The Last Impressionist

Maurice Duruflé (11 January 1902 – 16 June 1986) was a French composer, organist, and teacher. Although he was born in 1902 and died in 1986, Maurice Duruflé is not a typical 20th-century musician. Compared with other great composers of his day — Bernstein, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Britten — he seems strangely out of touch with … Continue reading Maurice Duruflé : The Last Impressionist

Valentin Silvestrov : Requiem for Larissa

Valentin Silvestrov composed Requiem for Larissa between 1997 and 1999 as a memorial to his wife, musicologist Larissa Bondarenko, who died in 1996. It is a big and unceasingly somber work, scored for chorus and orchestra. Understandably, this Requiem is to a degree reflective, incorporating musical themes drawn from older works that had special meaning … Continue reading Valentin Silvestrov : Requiem for Larissa

Durufle’s own recording of his Requiem

This recording is important as the only document of Durufle's conception of his Requiem.  He preferred the full orchestra version, which this is, and chose the mezzo soprano Helene Bouvier for the Pie Jesu.  There are several iterations of this recording, the one pictured above and others.  I would suggest looking for one on the Erato label … Continue reading Durufle’s own recording of his Requiem