Louis Goldford : Composer

  Louis Goldford is a composer hailing from St. Louis. Recent performances include those by the JACK Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Ensemble Modelo62, the Meitar Ensemble, the NOMOS Group, and Rage Thormbones. Louis was recently named the winner of the 2017 Suzhou (Chou’s) Composition Commission, and this spring will see the premiere of a new piece … Continue reading Louis Goldford : Composer

Terry Riley : Requiem for Adam

Terrence Mitchell "Terry" Riley is an American composer and performing musician associated with the minimalist school of Western classical music, of which he was a pioneer. His work is deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music.  Requiem for Adam is a studio album by the Kronos Quartet. The music was composed by Terry Riley, commissioned … Continue reading Terry Riley : Requiem for Adam