Composer Profiles

I plan to put in this area profiles of composers of new music.

The format of these articles will be to include some basic biographical information and each composer’s response, in their own words, to four questions I sent them.   Most profiles will also include an audio or video clip of a recent work.

The questions:

  1. What is your earliest musical memory that, in looking back, has proved to be significant regarding your career as a composer?
  2. If relevant, which composer(s) have been the most influential regarding your own work?  If the answer is “none”, please explain.  Has it changed over time?
  3. Can you describe your working process, i.e. do you use computer notation software, if so, do you find that it inhibits your process at all, do you have a regular schedule for writing?  What other technology, if any, do you use?
  4. Please describe a recent work and provide an audio or YouTube clip.

The composers who have responded include university composition professors, composers with formal training, others who consider themselves primarily self-taught.  Influences cited will span the gamut from Mozart to Pink Floyd, and all points in between, and styles of their music will range from neotonal to serial to electronic.

Suggestions for future profiles are encouraged, please contact me with the name of a composer, and their contact information, if you would would like them to be included in this effort.

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