Pet Sound : Doina Rotaru


Born in 1951, composer Doina Rotaru has a B.A. and a M.A in composition at the National University of Music in  Bucharest. She studied here between 1970 and 1975  with Tiberiu Olah.  Since 1996 she has been a professor of composition and, since 2008, the head of the composition department at the same University. She has written so far over 100 works that cover almost every musical genre: from solo, chamber, choral to orchestral works, from works that mix instrumental with electronic music to theater music.

UROBOROS – the snake trying to bite its own tail – is an archaic symbol of a cycle with a close evolution. It is like  a continual movement, an eternal return, a circle from which one cannot escape. The five short sections of the work try to suggest two different hypostasis of the space : a static one with inner movements, and a perpetual movement with a centripet and a  centrifugal  force around the sound  E (mi).  Instrumentation: two flutes (flute one doubling piccolo and metal chimes, flute two doubling a little gong)

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