Streaming electroacoustic music


One of the premier vendors for learning about and buying electroacoustic music has been the excellent Canadian site  Recently they added a streaming offer at their sister site, electro:thèque, that is priced fairly reasonably at $79.00 CAD (which because of the favorable exchange rate against the US dollar, computes to a little over $60.00 USD for twelve months paid once).  You can also choose to pay monthly, or in three month increments at higher prices.

electro:thèque web app allows you to listen to selected works culled from the empreintes DIGITALes catalog and its composers. Here you can discover new recordings as well as some timeless “classics” of electroacoustics. electro:thèque is accessible on mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.), tablets (iPad, etc.), on laptops as well as good old desktop computers. A modern web browser and a high-speed Internet connection are recommended.

Since I am a huge fan of this music, I signed up and have been enjoying it for the last few days.

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