Mauricio Pauly : electroacoustic chamber music


Mauricio Pauly is a Costa Rican composer based in the United Kingdom since 2007. He specializes in writing music for chamber instrumental ensembles, which he often augments with performatory amplification and real-time electronic processing. His music is designed under the assumption that the listener can be primed to experience a sense of poetic structure; that a temporal mold can be offered where listeners can pour their own semantic biases and create a sense of personal, heuristic navigation.

pauly2During his fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study/Harvard, Pauly is working mainly on two new ensemble works. One is an amplified mixed sextet for the Frankfurt-based Ensemble Interface. The other is a mixed work for voice, amplified ensemble, and performed live electronics that will be performed by a combination of Distractfold ensemble (Manchester, England) and soundinitiative (Paris) in their 2015–2016 European tour.

pauly3Pauly is co–artistic director of Distractfold and a founding member of the áltaVoz Composers. He is an electric bass player and performs with his trio, A Greater Horror. He currently teaches electric bass at the Royal Northern College of Music, in Manchester, England, and he is a studio tutor at the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, in London. Having previously studied in his native San José and in Boston, Miami, and The Hague, Pauly obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester’s NOVARS Research Centre in 2011. His works appear on a forthcoming album from the JACK Quartet (New Focus Recordings); a shared portrait album, Pasos en Otra Calle, by Chicago-based Fonema Consort (New Focus Recordings, 2014); and Karin Hellqvist’s Live at Warsaw Autumn (ForTune Records, 2013).

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