The Ornette Coleman Trio with David Izenzon, bass, and Charles Moffett, drums

The Ornette Coleman Trio, with Ornette Coleman (alto saxophone, violin, trumpet), David Izenzon (double bass) and Charles Moffett (drums), was the second working group that Coleman put together after the ensemble of his Atlantic years and with whom he recorded more than one album.

The most famous release is a live date called, At the Golden Circle, Stockholm issued in two installments. But before that, this trio formed the nucleus of Town Hall, 1962 and Chappaqua Suite.

Chappaqua Suite was originally commissioned by actor/director Conrad Rooks as the soundtrack to his film Chappaqua; however, the music was not used in the released version of the film. Columbia Records released it as a double album, but gave it very little promotion and the album sold poorly. It was taken out of print the following year and has since come back into print intermittently and in very small editions.

Chappaqua Suite was Coleman’s first studio recording to incorporate an orchestra. The suite is in four parts, each occupying a full record side. Tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders appears on the fourth part of the suite.

Town Hall, 1962 was the first recording featuring, at its heart, this new trio. The album provides partial documentation of a concert featuring several ensembles Coleman promoted in his search for artistic and financial independence. Even though the concert would be followed by two years of absence from public performance and recording, it is indicative of the direction which Coleman’s music would take on his return in 1965, with the core trio and the introduction of string instrument textures.

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