Two Portraits of Bob Dylan

For most, if not all, Bob Dylan fans his tenth studio album, Self Portrait, released on June 8, 1970, was infuriating and a disappointment.  Over the years the response has softened somewhat, but the recording stubbornly remains one of his least popular. "What is this shit?" – kicked off Griel Marcus' infamous review of Self Portrait in Rolling … Continue reading Two Portraits of Bob Dylan

Miles Davis : Bitches Brew (1970)

Shortly before his death in 1991, Miles Davis remarked “You don’t change music, music changes you.” While that statement is unassailable regarding the vast majority of artists, no matter how influential, Miles Davis was definitely an exception. Indeed, the Man with the Horn was being uncharacteristically modest, and he knew it. He did, after all, actually … Continue reading Miles Davis : Bitches Brew (1970)