Chris Coole : Clawhammer banjo and more

Chris Coole got his first banjo when he was 17 years old after falling in love with the sounds of folk and early country music. Today, Chris is known internationally for his clawhammer banjo style, songwriting, and singing. Early on, Chris discovered the joys of busking. His practice halls were the streets and subway of … Continue reading Chris Coole : Clawhammer banjo and more

Mary Z. Cox : Banjoholic

Mary Z. Cox has been playing since she was twelve, and is a two time Florida champion. She has won old time music competitions on banjo, dulcimer, and string band in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee and was chosen by Banjo Newsletter readers in 2006 as the fourth favorite claw-hammer banjo player in … Continue reading Mary Z. Cox : Banjoholic

Clarence “Tom” Ashley : Country Music Pioneer

Clarence "Tom" Ashley (September 29, 1895 – June 2, 1967) was an American musician and singer, who played the claw-hammer banjo and the guitar.  He began performing at medicine shows in the Southern Appalachian region as early as 1911, and gained initial fame during the late 1920s as both a solo recording artist and as … Continue reading Clarence “Tom” Ashley : Country Music Pioneer

William Henry “Papa Charlie” Jackson

No wonder they all fall for him! He's just a red hot papa in a class by himself and it takes a cop or two to hold the mamas back when he struts down the avenue. Papa Charlie sure knows how to sing this kind of Blues. Papa Charlie Jackson (November 10, 1887 – May … Continue reading William Henry “Papa Charlie” Jackson

The high lonesome sound of Roscoe Holcomb

Roscoe Holcomb, was an American singer, banjo player, and guitarist from Daisy, Kentucky. A prominent figure in Appalachian folk music, Holcomb was the inspiration for the term "high, lonesome sound," coined by folklorist and friend John Cohen. The "high lonesome sound" term is now used to describe bluegrass singing, although Holcomb was not, strictly speaking, a bluegrass performer. Bob Dylan once commented that Holcomb "... has … Continue reading The high lonesome sound of Roscoe Holcomb