Composer Profile: Francis Dhomont

Website |  electrocd | Discogs | Bio in Canadian Encylclopedia Francis Dhomont studied under Ginette Waldmeier, Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. In the late ’40’s, in Paris (France), he intuitively discovered with magnetic wire what Pierre Schaeffer would later call “musique concrète” and consequently conducted solitary experiments with the musical possibilities of sound recording. Later, leaving behind instrumental writing, he dedicated himself exclusively to […]

Composer Profile: Adam Stansbie

Website | Soundcloud | Article: “The acousmatic musical performance” Adam Stansbie is a composer, performer and writer specializing in electroacoustic/acousmatic music – that is, music which involves some form of electronic mediation. Stansbie started composing electroacoustic music some 20 years ago, before completing a degree in music production at The University of Leeds, and a […]