Nothing Ever Was, Anyway: Music of Annette Peacock

Nothing Ever Was, Anyway: Music of Annette Peacock is an album by pianist Marilyn Crispell, bassist Gary Peacock, and drummer Paul Motian recorded in 1996 and released on the ECM label. Annette Peacock (born 1941) is an American composer, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, and musician. She is a pioneer in electronic music who combined her voice with one of the first Moog synthesizers … Continue reading Nothing Ever Was, Anyway: Music of Annette Peacock

Paul Motian : Trios and more

Paul Motian (March 25, 1931 – November 22, 2011) was an American jazz drummer, percussionist, and composer. Motian played an important role in freeing jazz drummers from strict time-keeping duties. He first came to prominence in the late 1950s in the piano trio of Bill Evans, and later was a regular in pianist Keith Jarrett's … Continue reading Paul Motian : Trios and more

Stefano Battaglia Trio : Interprets Alec Wilder

Stefano Battaglia (1965 , Milan) is an Italian classical and jazz pianist. He has played extensively on the international circuit, performing as a soloist with the European Youth Orchestra in Barcelona (1981), and winning the "J.S. Bach Festival" award in Düsseldorf as the best new pianist of the year (1986) and the Brussels National Radio Award as the best young European pianist … Continue reading Stefano Battaglia Trio : Interprets Alec Wilder

The Tomasz Stanko Quartets : Polish and New York

Tomasz Stańko is a Polish trumpeter, composer and improviser. Often recording for ECM Records, Stańko is strongly associated with free jazz and the avant-garde. Coming to prominence in the early 1960s alongside pianist Adam Makowicz in the Jazz Darings, Stańko later collaborated with pianist Krzysztof Komeda, notably on Komeda's pivotal 1966 album Astigmatic. In 1968, Stańko formed an acclaimed quintet that included Zbigniew Seifert on … Continue reading The Tomasz Stanko Quartets : Polish and New York

John Potter and The Dowland Project

The Dowland Project began as an artistic collaboration between John Potter and ECM's Manfred Eicher, and was an attempt to re-discover the essence of renaissance song from the point of view of a modern performer. John suggested Dowland and Manfred Eicher proposed augmenting the obligatory early music players with jazz musicians. The first recording for … Continue reading John Potter and The Dowland Project

Eberhard Weber at 75

This past January marked Eberhard Weber’s 75th birthday.  His recordings for ECM in the early 1970s were in large part responsible for defining the ECM sound and Euro-Jazz in general.  His style bridged jazz, classical, minimalism, chamber jazz and included some ambient elements.  He regularly recorded with other ECM artists such Gary Burton (Ring, 1974; Passengers, … Continue reading Eberhard Weber at 75