Composer Profile: Dominique Bassal

Website Composer and sound engineer Dominique Bassal studied electroacoustic music at a time when that discipline was at the cutting edge of audio technology. He started working in commercial music production as an arranger, producer, and studio manager, where he applied avant-garde techniques to the world of pop music, narrow and conservative at the time. … Continue reading Composer Profile: Dominique Bassal

Composer Profile: Tamar Diesendruck

Soundcloud Tamar Diesendruck's favored compositional medium for many years has been virtuosic chamber music; in recent years however her focus has shifted and opportunities to compose for larger ensembles are embraced. In addition to mixed chamber ensemble, string quartet, duos and trios she has also composed solo, orchestral, choral, wind ensemble and vocal works. Her … Continue reading Composer Profile: Tamar Diesendruck

Composer Profile: Sophie Lacaze

Website | Mezzo Compo Feature Unsubdued but attentive to musical trends and schools, French composer Sophie Lacaze has developed an original aesthetics that takes into account the current research on sound while looking to restore music its primary functions, i.e. ritual, incantation, dance, and its links with nature. Sophie Lacaze studied music at the Conservatoire National de … Continue reading Composer Profile: Sophie Lacaze

Composer Profile: Clara Maïda

Website | Soundcloud Clara Maïda lives in Paris and Berlin. She turned to music composition after studying psychology at Nice-Sophia Antipolis and Aix-Marseille 1 Universities and music at the University of Huddersfield-UK (PhD in Composition) and Paris 8-Saint-Denis University (Master 2 in Musicology, Creation, Music and Society), Marseille and Nice conservatories of music, Cefedem-Sud/Training Centre for Teaching … Continue reading Composer Profile: Clara Maïda

Composer Profile: Vivian Fung

Website | Soundcloud  JUNO Award-winning Canadian composer Vivian Fung has distinguished herself as a composer with a powerful compositional voice, whose music often merges Western forms with non-Western influences such as Balinese and Javanese gamelan and folk songs from minority regions of China. In 2012, Naxos Canadian Classics released the world premiere recording of Ms. Fung’s … Continue reading Composer Profile: Vivian Fung

New Voice: Bernhard Philipp Eder

Website | Soundcloud | YouTube Bernhard Philipp Eder, born in 1984 and raised in Vienna, Austria, has devoted his life to the arts of music from a very early age, when he began taking piano lessons and visiting classical concerts.  At the age of 15, while studying at the Konservatorium Wien University and the Musikgymnasium Wien Neustiftgasse … Continue reading New Voice: Bernhard Philipp Eder