Liszt : A Critical Discography, part 1 – Piano Collections

Humphrey Searle compiled a catalog of works written by Franz Liszt in 1966.  He numbered over 700 compositions, dividing them into original works (S.1-S.350) and fantasias, transcriptions and other derivative works (S.351-S.768). There are several box sets that attempt to survey Liszt’s solo piano oeuvre, but only three attempt to do this completely. Leslie Howard recorded the complete works […]

Dennis Johnson’s “November” : minimalism before minimalism was cool

Back in 1960 three friends, all students at UCLA, invented minimalism:  La Monte Young, Terry Jennings and Dennis Johnson (Terry Riley would soon join them but he was not at UCLA).  Of these, Dennis Johnson is credited with writing the very first piece of music that later came to be called Minimalist: his four (to six) hour […]

Listening : Jocelyn Pook

Contemporary classical composer and violinist Jocelyn Pook followed her studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama by touring for three years with the Communards; she further broadened her musical horizons with contributions to Derek Jarman‘s 1986 film masterpiece Caravaggio, and two years later wrote the score to the DV8 Physical Theatre production My Body, Your Body. Pook continued […]