Mario Rodrigue’s “Tilt” : Electroacoustic Music

Mario Rodrigue pursued his musical studies under the direction of Marcelle Deschênesand, Francis Dhomont, and obtained his Bachelor in electroacoustic compositionfrom the Université de Montréal. His piece Tilt won the 1st Prize in the electroacoustic category and the Grand Prize in 7th CBC National Competition for Young Composers (1986) and Cristaux liquides was awarded a mention at … Continue reading Mario Rodrigue’s “Tilt” : Electroacoustic Music

Ann Southam : New soundings

November 25th of this year marked the fifth anniversary of the death of Ann Southam who died of lung cancer in 2010.  Although a trained composer, Southam was primarily an intuitive composer.  Her works, whether electronic or a 12-tone work for piano, testify to a searching spirit, one who wandered seemingly aimlessly but whose music exhibits a … Continue reading Ann Southam : New soundings

Kristoff K.Roll : French sound duo

Kristoff K.Roll is a sound art duo born in Paris (France) in 1990 as part of the turntable septet Arènes du vinyle. These two noise musicians — Carole Rieussec and J-Kristoff Camps — are building “a sonic maze with multiple entrances.” Together he/she move from acousmatics to electroacoustic improvisation and sound theatre, also delving in … Continue reading Kristoff K.Roll : French sound duo

Robert Normandeau’s cinema for the ear

Ater a BMus in Composition (Electroacoustics) from the Université Laval (Québec City, 1984) Robert Normandeau moved to Montréal and completed an MMus in Composition (1988) and the first PhDMus in Electroacoustic Composition (1992), under Marcelle Deschênes and Francis Dhomont. He is a founding member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC, 1987). From 1986 to ’93, he … Continue reading Robert Normandeau’s cinema for the ear

Scott Miller : high adventure avant garde music of the best sort

Scott Miller is a composer of electroacoustic, orchestral, chamber, choral and multimedia works described as ‘high adventure avant garde music of the best sort’ (Classical-Modern Music Review) and 'inspir[ing] real hope & optimism for the future of electroacoustic music.' ( Known for his interactive electroacoustic chamber music and experimental performance pieces, Miller has twice been named a … Continue reading Scott Miller : high adventure avant garde music of the best sort

Mauricio Pauly : electroacoustic chamber music

Mauricio Pauly is a Costa Rican composer based in the United Kingdom since 2007. He specializes in writing music for chamber instrumental ensembles, which he often augments with performatory amplification and real-time electronic processing. His music is designed under the assumption that the listener can be primed to experience a sense of poetic structure; that … Continue reading Mauricio Pauly : electroacoustic chamber music

Streaming electroacoustic music

One of the premier vendors for learning about and buying electroacoustic music has been the excellent Canadian site  Recently they added a streaming offer at their sister site, electro:thèque, that is priced fairly reasonably at $79.00 CAD (which because of the favorable exchange rate against the US dollar, computes to a little over $60.00 USD for twelve months … Continue reading Streaming electroacoustic music

New Voice: Sam Salem

Website | Soundcloud Sam Salem (b. 1982) currently resides in Manchester (UK), where he completed a MUSM in Electroacoustic Music Composition in 2007 and a PhD in Composition in 2011 at the University of Manchester. Sam’s work is focused upon the sounds of urban environments: each of his pieces focuses upon a specific geographical location. His music … Continue reading New Voice: Sam Salem

Composer Profile: Gráinne Mulvey

Website Gráinne Mulvey's music has been performed and broadcast across the globe. She has been the recipient of many awards, commissions and honours, including the "RTE Young musician of the Future Competition", Ireland (Composers Class) in 1994, the Macaulay Fellowship (Arts Council Of Ireland), Arklow Music Festival, New Music for Sligo in 1999 and St. John’s University … Continue reading Composer Profile: Gráinne Mulvey

New Voice: Turgut Erçetin

Soundcloud Turgut Erçetin (b. 1983, Istanbul) has recently completed his doctoral degree at Stanford University where he studied composition with Prof. Brian Ferneyhough as his advisor and computer music with Chris Chafe. Erçetin’s works engage with the issues of sound, not as sonic colors but as concepts that are perceived at various degrees of complexities … Continue reading New Voice: Turgut Erçetin